From Russia with Love

I have recently returned from a trip to St. Petersburg Russia.  St Petersburg excelled my expectations. I course I knew I would blown away by The Hermitage , the Faberge Museum and the Church of spilled blood was breathtaking, but nothing prepared me for the wonderful food .

Teplo a restaurant not far from my hotel was particularly memorable; the food is fresh and lovingly cooked and presented. Having finished my starter and main course I ordered a pudding and was asked if I would mind waiting 30 minutes while it was cooked, why would I? I felt pampered during this time I sat outside for some air and the staff bought out blankets.  Pampering  indeed.

The drinks were also a treat, the spice fruit teas were made with fresh ginger and go berries floating on top. Other treats included Lavender cake, honey cake and a selection of sour milks and yogurt with marshmallows.

I was also thrilled when visiting the supermarket to find a tea with my name on it.

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