Tess Stone


a freelance illustrator and fine artist based in London, UK.

She has illustrated for publishers, and design consultancies for many years. Her decorative and culture influenced art work has appeared on wine labels, book jackets, consumer goods, packaging, coffee mugs, cookery publications, magazines and greeting cards.

Her travels throughout Europe, India, Africa, and Turkey have been the main source of inspiration, as seen in her vibrant and richly textured work.

She is fascinated by food, not only the finished presentations but the specific ingredients, and the way in which they vary from one culture to the next.
Her exposure to the cuisines of the country including the fruits and vegetables and various cooking styles,

provides her with an appreciation for the heritage of the culture. It is from that heritage that she draws her inspiration.

Her working techniques include collage, watercolor, pen and ink, and hand lettering. Her work is suitable for dinnerware/place mats, posters, licensing, and private commissions.

Tess’s personal work focuses on the insect and amphibian world exploring the colours and rich textures in these jewel like creatures.

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